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Ada-Europe'98 Conference in Uppsala

Hotel Reservation

Please print this form out and post/fax it to us

You can also e-mail your application. Just send a mail with the relevant information.

Indicate, in order of preference, your choice/s of hotel. If your reservation form is accepted, you will receive confirmation by fax or email. If all the Hotels selected are full, you will be informed and given details of an agency which will help you to find accommodation.

Please note that early booking is essential to ensure that you obtain accommodation in the hotel of your choice. After 2 May, none of the Hotels below will be able to guarantee accommodation.

All the hotels are within walking distance of the conference venue. Have a look at the map.

All prices are in Swedish currency.



Single room rate

Double room rate

Basic Hotel
Kungsgatan 27
Tel +46 18 480 5007
SEK 495 per night, room only, including VAT SEK 650 per night

Hotell Gillet
Dragarbrunnsbatan 23
Tel +46 18 15 53 60
SEK 1250 , on Friday and Saturday nights SEK 650 SEK 1500, Saturday nights SEK 800

Hotell Linné
Skolgatan 5
Tel +46 18 10 20 00
SEK 844 SEK 1176

Hotell Svava
Barngårdsgatan 24
Tel +46 18 13 00 30
SEK 930 , on Friday and Saturday nights SEK 600 SEK 1210

Hotell Upplandia
Dragarbrunnsgatan 32
Tel +46 18 10 21 60
SEK 1180 SEK 1380

please print or type

Title, Initials & Surname
Company or Institution
Address (including Postcode and Country)
Tel Fax Email
Special requirements (e.g. diet)
Arrival date Departure date
Number of nights Type of room: ¨ single ¨ double

Your credit card details are required in order to confirm your reservation. Please provide full details of your credit card in order to guarantee your booking.

Credit card: ¨ American Express ¨ MasterCard ¨ Visa

Name on card Expiry date
Card number
Address (if different from above)

Please return by post or fax to
Ada-Europe'98 Conference, Mariadata, Box 1085, SE-141 22 Huddinge/Stockholm
Fax +46 8 774 37 93.