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Ada-Europe'96 Conference

Social Events


A banquet will be held at the "Château du Chatelard".

The castle Châtelard has been build in 1441 as a defence tower during the Burgundy wars. This private property is a famous wine-growing center. The terrace with its view over the whold Lake of Geneva is an ideal place for Aperitives. The banquets, with Trumpets and Candlelight, are an unforgettable Event!

The Banquet package includes:
  • Transportation to and from the Castle,
  • The aperitive, with the "Vin du fût" and "pains aux greubons, au cumin et au lard".
  • The meal (fine french cooking, including cheese and dessert)
  • unlimited wine
  • coffee and liqueur (à volonté)

  • Vendor Hospitality Suites

    ACT Europe

    Cocktail party

    ("GNAT-tail" party)

    Monday, June, 10th, 1996, 7:30 pm
    at the Montreux Palace Hotel
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