3rd ADEPT workshop: AADL by its practitioners

14 June 2024, Barcelona, Spain

Co-located with the 28th Ada-Europe International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies (AEiC 2024), June 11-14

ADEPT website: https://adept.univ-brest.fr/2024/

The Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) is an SAE International Standard dedicated to the precise modeling of complex embedded systems, covering both hardware and software concerns. Its definition relies on a precise set of concepts inherited from industry and academic best practices: clear separation of concerns among layers, rich set of properties to document system metrics, and support for many kinds of analysis: scheduling, safety and reliability, performance, and also code generation.

The AADL standard is now a mature standard for the modeling of critical embedded real-time systems. AADL defines a language and supporting tools for the precise modeling and analysis of systems. AADL is today employed by numerous stakeholders in the domain of critical embedded real-time systems to address a large set of concerns: performance (latency, schedulability), safety, or security. One key strength of AADL as a language is the set of tools that provide analysis capabilities.

The ADEPT workshop aims to present and report on current projects in the field of design, implementation, and verification of critical systems where AADL is a first-citizen technology. The ADEPT workshop is also an opportunity for AADL beginners to meet experienced AADL practitioners.

ADEPT24 would be the third workshop edition. It is a full-day workshop. The workshop is dedicated to the presentation of research around ADDL, AADL new technologies, and success stories. A return of experience in the form of a discussion with the attendees will close the workshop. It is open to anyone interested in AADL and in the design and verification of software architecture for critical systems.

Detailed Program

ADEPT24 detailed program is available on https://adept.univ-brest.fr/2024/program.html.

Important Dates

Potential speakers must contact workshop organizers no later than 30 March 2024.


Interested authors shall submit a short (one page) abstract, via Easy Chair, following the Ada User Journal style.

A post-workshop proceeding will be published in the Ada User Journal that summarizes the workshop talks and also the workshop discussions co-authored by all participants.


Jérôme Hugues
Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Frank Singhoff
Lab-STICC/Univ. of Brest, France

Hai Nam Tran
Lab-STICC/Univ. of Brest, France