Social Program

Our conference proudly showcases a harmonious fusion of Catalan and Spanish traditions, coupled with the forefront of European technology, during our social gatherings. Our aim is to offer you an enriching experience, fostering new connections and meaningful interactions in a lively and delightful ambiance.

Welcome Reception

The welcome reception is scheduled for Tuesday, June 11, from 17:45 to 23:00 and will feature two entertainments.
First, from 17:45 until 19:15 we will stay at the picturesque gardens of Torre Girona. This splendid venue, once the property of the banker and statesman Manuel Girona y Agrafel, now belongs to the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). Under a transfer agreement with the Barcelona City Council, the gardens have been made accessible to the public. Among its features are a tranquil lake, a charming pavilion and a remarkable replica of the Olmec colossal head 1, generously gifted by the Universidad Veracruzana of Mexico to UPC.

During this first part, guests will be treated to a selection of local wines paired with the globally renowned Iberian ham while they also have the unique opportunity to explore the cutting-edge facilities of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, and marvel at its latest addition, Marenostrum V. Inaugurated in December 2023, this supercomputer is on track to reach its maximum capacity of 311.95PFLOPS.

Then, from 19:30 until 23:00 participants will be able to enjoy an excellent cocktail dinner in the Jardí de l'Abadessa restaurant, at 15 minutes walk from the first part of the reception. With its lush greenery and serene atmosphere, the restaurant provides an ideal setting for attendees to unwind and engage in meaningful conversations prior to the commencement of the main conference sessions.

The are different gates to access the Torre Girona Gardens:

  • From a side door at the right of BSC's main entrance (Plaça Eusebi Güell 1-3)
  • From a walkable stree that separates the gardens from the UPC (John Maynard Keynes, 30)
  • From the street that separates the Torre Girona gardens from the Pedralbes Royal Place (Jordi Girona, no number indicated because google maps will misslead you to the UPC buildings)

Refer to the map for a better understanding of the accesses:

The restaurant address is: C/ de l'Abadessa Olzet, 26, Les Corts, 08034 Barcelona. Refer to the map for a better understanding of the path:

This event is included for those registering to a tutorial or the conference.

Conference Banquet

The conference banquet is scheduled for Wednesday, June 12, from 20:00 to 23:00, at the emblematic restaurant "7 portes".

Attendees will have the opportunity to savor the finest flavors of the Catalan and Mediterranean cuisines. Among the culinary delights awaiting you is the renowned "Paella Perallada", a masterpiece that harmoniously combines semi-dry rice with succulent peeliled shellfish, delectable seafood and tender meats.

With a history spanning over 180 years, "7 portes" stands as a witness to the evolution of some of the most illustrious artists of their time, including Pablo Picasso and Antoni Tàpies. Their presence has left an indelible mark, forming a captivating small art gallery within the restaurant's walls, waiting to be discovered by guests.

The space is situated within the historic "Casa Xifré", one of Barcelona's most iconic landmarks, in the charming neighborhood of Sant Pere–Santa Caterina i la Ribera and nestled mere meters away from the bustling Port of Barcelona and the "Llotja de Barcelona" (the fish market).

It will take about 45 minutes to get to the restaurant from UPC building. Our recommendation is the following:

  1. Walk 13 min from the UPC Vertex building down to Diagonal Street, where you can catch the L3 metro at "Palau Reial" station. Should you find yourself with a bit of leisure time, indulge in a tranquil walk through the picturesque gardens of the Royal Palace of Pedralbes. These grounds not only showcase the official residence of the Spanish royal family but also house the Ceramic Museum, the Textile and Clothing Museum, and the Decorative Arts Museum. Moreover, the gardens serve as the esteemed permanent seat of the Union for the Mediterranean
  2. Take then the metro direction "Trinitat Nova" for 8 stops and get down in "Drassanes" station.
  3. Afterwards, we highly recommend taking a leisurely 15-minute stroll along the picturesque Port of Barcelona. As you amble along, you'll be greeted by the soothing sight of the sea on your right and the charming "Moll de la Fusta", a delightful coastal promenade boasting various entertainment venues. To your left, immerse yourself in the rich history of Barcelona as you pass by several iconic landmarks. Among them, you'll encounter the majestic "Capitania General de España", a baroque palace once a convent, now housing the Inspección General del Ejército de Tierra. Additionally, don't miss the "Mercè Building UPF", an integral part of the Pompeu Fabra University campus.
  4. Alternatively, walk 3 min to "La Rambla" and catch the V13 bus at the "La Rambla - Santa Mònica" station, heading towards "Pla de Palau". After just 4 stops, alight at "Pla de Palau - Metro Barceloneta". From there, a 2-minute walk will lead you directly to the restaurant.

The restaurant address is: Pg. d'Isabel II, 14, Ciutat Vella, 08003 Barcelona. Refer to the map for a better understanding of the path:

This event is included for those registering to the conference.

Chill event

The organization has carefully prepared a chill event as a culmination party for this year's main conference. The event is scheduled for Thursday, June 13, from 19:15 to 23:15, at the Moritz Barcelona Brewery, the brewery of the first beer of Barcelona.

The story of Moritz begins in 1856 in Barcelona, when Mr. Louis Moritz embarked on his journey of crafting exceptional beer nestled between the vibrant neighborhoods of Raval and Eixample. By 1864, the illustrious Moritz brewery had established its home on Ronda Sant Antoni, the very location where the present-day brewery stands. Despite a temporary dissolution in 1978, the Moritz family persevered, taking the necessary time to reestablish their legacy. In 2011, the doors of the Moritz Barcelona Brewery swung open once again, proudly unveiling their revived factory to the world. Today, Moritz stands as a beacon of excellence and innovation in Barcelona, drawing in hundreds of tourists and locals alike every single day, serving as both a testament to its rich history and a source of inspiration for the city.

The event is divided in three parts:

  1. Embark on a truly unique journey with a visit to the Moritz Brewery, promising an immersive experience like no other. Lasting approximately 45 minutes, attendees will delve into the intricate secrets of beer production, gaining insight into one of the world's most modern microbreweries.
  2. Then, guests will be greeted with a warm welcome drink at the Brasserie room, nestled on the -1 floor of the Moritz Factory, offering an exclusive vantage point overlooking the maceration tanks. Here, amidst an atmosphere of refinement, attendees can unwind and reconnect with fellow AEiC community members, indulging in a curated selection of Moritz beers, fine Catalan wines, and refreshing beverages.
  3. The culinary journey continues with a banquet served within the same Brasserie room. Renowned chef Jordi Vilà, adorned with a Michelin star, has meticulously crafted a menu that harmoniously blends the finest local flavors with Moritz beers and Catalan wines, promising a gastronomic experience to be savored and remembered.

It will take about 40 minutes to get to the Moritz brewery and restaurant. There are different options by metro:

  1. Walk 13 min from the UPC Vertex building down to Diagonal Street, where you can catch the L3 metro at "Palau Reial" station. Then, take the metro in the direction of "Trinitat Nova" for 10 stops and alight at "Plaça Catalunya" station. From there, it's a 12-minute walk to reach the brewery.
  2. Walk 13 min from the UPC Vertex building down to Diagonal Street, where you can catch the L3 metro at "Palau Reial" station. Take the metro in the direction of "Trinitat Nova" for 7 stops. Transfer to L2 and continue in the direction of "Badalona Pompeu Fabra" for 1 stop. Alight in "Sant Antoni" station. Then, it's just a 4-minute walk to reach the brewery.
  3. Walk 13 min from the UPC Vertex building down to Diagonal Street, where you can catch the L3 metro at "Palau Reial" station. Take the metro in the direction of "Trinitat Nova" for 5 stops. Transfer to L1 and continue in the direction of "Fondo" for 3 stops. Alight in "Universitat" station. Then, it's just a 5-minute walk to reach the brewery.

This event is partially covered by the organization for those registering to the conference and/or the workshops.