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Call for Sponsors

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General Information

    The 6th International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies (Ada-Europe’2001) will take place in May 2001 at K.U. Leuven, Belgium. The conference will comprise a three-day technical programme from Tuesday to Thursday with workshops and tutorials on Monday and Friday. There will be an exhibition from Tuesday to Thursday.

    The conference provides an international forum for researchers, developers and users of reliable software technologies. Presentations and discussions will cover applied and theoretical work currently conducted to support the development and maintenance of software systems. Participants include practitioners and researchers from industry, academia and government.

    There will be a special session on e-business and Internet-based applications, including the use of Ada in this realm.

    Paper, tutorial, poster and workshop topics include:

    • Management of software development and maintenance: methods, techniques and tools.

    • Software quality: quality management and assurance, risk analysis, program analysis, verification, validation and testing of software systems.

    • Software development methods and techniques: requirements engineering, object-oriented technologies, formal methods, software management issues, re-engineering and reverse engineering, reuse.

    • Software architecture: patterns for software design and composition, frameworks, architecture-centred development, component and class libraries, component design.

    • Tools: CASE tools, software development environments, compilers, browsers, debuggers.

    • Kinds of systems: real-time systems distributed systems, fault-tolerant systems, information systems, safety-critical or secure systems.

    • Applications in multimedia and communications, manufacturing, robotics, avionics, space, health care, transportation, industry.

    • Ada language and tools: programming techniques, object-oriented programming, new approaches in tool support, bindings and libraries, evaluation and comparison of languages, language extension proposals.

    • Ada experience reports: experience reports from projects using Ada, management approaches, metrics, comparisons with past or parallel experiences in non-Ada projects.

    • Education and training.

    • Case studies and experiments.

    The conference is being organised by the K.U. Leuven together with Ada-Belgium on behalf of Ada-Europe. Further details can be found on the conference web site:, particularly in the call for papers.


    The annual Ada-Europe conference is the most important event of the year for European Ada users and companies involved or interested in reliable software technologies. It is one of the two main events in this field world-wide. The conference in the year 2000 attracted submissions and participants from over 20 different countries. Over the past three years attendance has be steadily growing and attendance between 100 and 150 is anticipated for 2001.

    Local sponsors

    • enjoy exposure to an international audience;

    • enjoy visibility of their support for local initiatives;

    • enjoy visibility of their support for the local software industry and university.

    Industry sponsors

    • show visible commitment; saying that they are active and will remain active in this field;

    • show commitment to Software Quality by publicly supporting a conference focussing on techniques for making good software;

    • are seen helping with a major event in their community.

    Sponsoring this conference provides a sliding scale of advantages. The following table describes the different levels of sponsorship. See also the notes that follow.




    Donate 200 EUR or more.

    Donate an equivalent value of pens, pads, or other souvenirs mentioning the name, place and date of conference; minimum 150 examples.

    Donate an equivalent value of books or software to be used as competition prizes.

    Donate 20 person-hours of stewarding, guiding or assisting in the smooth operation of the conference.

    Donate an equivalent value of goods or services.

    Your logo (up to 5000 pixels) or name on the conference web site in the sponsors' page, and (up to 2500 pixels) on the home page.

    Your logo or name in the sponsors' section of the conference program.


    Donate 1000 EUR or more in cash, goods or services, for example:

    Sponsor or host a social event, a reception, a lunch, an outing.

    Donate tee-shirts, bags, books, umbrellas, or similar souvenirs mentioning the name, place and date of conference; minimum 150 examples

    Donate person-hours of stewarding, guiding or assisting in the smooth operation of the conference.

    Your logo (up to 7500 pixels) on the conference web site in the sponsors page; clicking on the logo links to your web site. Your logo or name (up to 4000 pixels) on the conference home page, also linking to your web site.

    Your logo and company name in the sponsors' section of the conference program.

    Industry Sponsor

    Donate 2000 EUR or more

    Your logo (up to 15000 pixels) and contact details on the conference web site in the sponsors page; clicking on the logo links to your web site. Your logo or name (up to 7500 pixels) on the conference home page, also linking to your web site.

    Your logo and company details in the sponsors' section of the conference program.

    Your logo displayed in the conference area.

    Your documentation and promotional material available to attendees during the conference.


    Fee of 2200 EUR.

    See Call for Exhibitors page for full details and application form or contact the exhibition chair.

    A booth at the exhibition (number limited), inclusion in the vendor presentation track, one free conference registration.

    Your logo (up to 15000 pixels) and contact details on the conference web site in the exhibitors page; clicking on the logo links to your web site.

    Your logo and company details in the exhibitors' section of the conference program.

    Higher levels of sponsorship

    Please contact the organisers.

    The conference program is the main medium of publicity for the conference. The first preliminary version will be available in January 2001. As the program evolves, the latest version will always be available on the conference web site. At the beginning of February 2001 a large number of printed copies of the advance program will be distributed to those who might attend the conference: professionals and academics from all over the world.

    Your sponsorship will be active as soon as your donation has been accepted in writing and received. The program and web site will be modified as soon as it is possible to include your details.

    Notice of change to the web site is sent automatically to those that request it.

    This document is not contractual. Any offer of sponsorship will be considered on its own merits. The organisers reserve the right to refuse offers, judge the value offers, request sureties and change these conditions without warning. This activity is exempt from VAT according to art.44 § 2, 4° of the Belgian VAT legislation.

    To make an offer of sponsorship or to request more information please contact the Finance Chair of the conference:

    Karel De Vlaminck
    K.U.Leuven, Department of Computer Science
    Celestijnenlaan 200 A
    B-3001 Leuven (Heverlee), Belgium

    Ada-Europe, who is funding this conference, is a not-for-profit organisation; in some cases a donation made directly to Ada-Europe may be able to be offset against revenues for tax purposes. Contact Ada-Europe directly if you wish to make a large donation in favour of this conference. See to learn more about Ada-Europe or contact its chairperson Mr. John Barnes,


    Ada is a programming language used in the development of computer software. It is the first internationally standardized object-oriented programming language and supports concurrency and distribution as well as numerics, information systems, real-time systems, and many other types of applications. The concurrency is well defined and thoroughly integrated with all of the other features of the language offering a multitude of opportunities that are difficult to realize in other languages.

    Features of the language have made it a popular choice of programming language where the absence of errors is important. Studies have shown that the reduced error rate and easy readability reduce the cost of software development and maintenance compared to other programming languages.

    More information can be found at and

Reliable Software Technologies

    Technologies have been developed to produce software which is reliable, meaning software that is unlikely to behave in an unexpected way, for example to crash. In many situations, particularly where human safety is involved, these methods are required; elsewhere the desirability of error free code justifies the cost of such technologies.

    The conference is devoted to the more general area of reliable software technologies. In this sense, there are papers on formal methods, testing, software architectures and design, software engineering tools, Ada, etc. We believe that the role of reliable software technologies is more and more important, as computer applications control more and more of our everyday systems. The goal of our conference is to contribute to advancing the state of the art of all these technologies that will help us in achieving better and more reliable software at a lower overall cost.


    Ada-Belgium is a not-for-profit organization active since over 10 years. It is a forum for persons and organizations interested in Ada, in its applications and in Ada related technologies such as software engineering methods, environments and tools.

    Ada-Belgium organizes several events: an annual one-day seminar, workshops and tutorials, short technical presentations on specific topics, and a multi-session Ada course. Our Web Server offers information on our activities, an Ada archive with a.o. free Ada compilers and reference material, free Ada software provided by Belgian Ada users, pointers to related servers, conference announcements world-wide, etc.

    More information can be found at


    Ada-Europe is an international organization, set up to promote the use of Ada and active since the early 80s. It aims to spread the use and the knowledge of Ada and to promote its introduction into academic and research establishments. Above all, Ada-Europe intends to represent European interests in Ada and Ada-related matters.

    In its current form, Ada-Europe was established in 1988. As there was no European legal framework to govern such organizations, it was established according to Belgian Law. Currently, the member organisations are Ada-Belgium, Ada-Denmark, Ada-Deutschland, Ada-France, Ada-Spain, Ada in Sweden, Ada-Switzerland and Ada UK. Individual members of these organizations can become indirect members of Ada-Europe. Direct membership is available to individuals in countries without national member organization. At the moment, Ada-Europe has about 550 indirect members. They receive the quarterly Ada User Journal, produced jointly by Ada-Europe and Ada UK, which contains Ada-related papers, experience reports, details of past, present and future Ada events and activities, and reviews of new publications and products. The journal is usually distributed via the national member organizations, but can also be mailed directly at additional postage costs. A reduced registration fee at the annual Ada-Europe conference is an additional benefit to direct and indirect members registered with Ada-Europe by their national organizations.

    More information can be found at

Computer Science Department of K.U.Leuven

    The Department of Computer Science of the Faculty of Engineering numbers about 120 people spread over eight research groups. The department participates in strong competitive research programs set up by the university, the Federal and Flemish Government and the European Commission. Basic as well as applied research is conducted. Concerning education, the department is responsible for the study programs burgerlijk ingenieur in de computerwetenschappen (Master of Engineering in Computer Science, a 5 years-program) and licentie informatica (Bachelor of Science in computer science, a 4-years-program).

    More information can be found on the WWW-pages of the department at

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