26th Ada-Europe

International Conference on
Reliable Software Technologies
(AEiC 2022)

14-17 June 2022, Ghent, Belgium


The 26th Ada-Europe International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies (AEiC 2022) will take place in Ghent, Belgium in dual mode, with a solid core of in-presence activities accompanied by digital support for remote participation. The conference schedule comprises a journal track, an industrial track, a work-in-progress track, a vendor exhibition, parallel tutorials, and satellite workshops.

The conference will take place in the heart of the city of Ghent, Belgium, capital of the East Flanders province, a half-hour train ride north-west of Brussels. Ghent is rich in history, culture and higher‐education, with a top‐100 university founded in 1817.

The call for contributions is available on this page and in PDF.

Conference program synopsis

Morning Before Lunch After Lunch Afternoon Evening
14th June
Tutorial 1:
Moving up to Ada 2022

(S. Tucker Taft)
Tutorial 3:
The ALiRe
Package Manager

(Fabien Chouteau and
Alejandro R. Mosteo)
Tutorial 2:
Numerics for the
Non-numerical Analyst

(Jean-Pierre Rosen)
Tutorial 4:
The HAC Compiler

(Gautier de Montmollin)
15th June
Technical Presentations
Session 1:
Uses of Ada
Session 2:
Session 3:
Session 4:
Visit to
St Bavo's
Invited Talk
WiP posters shown during breaks WiP posters shown during breaks
16th June
Technical Presentations
Keynote Talk Session 5:
Session 6:
Session 7:
Boat Tour,
Closing Dinner
WiP posters shown during breaks WiP posters shown during breaks
17th June
Satellite Events
Workshop 1: DeCPS (Challenges and New Approaches
for Dependable and Cyber-Physical System Engineering)
Workshop 2: ADEPT (AADL by its practitioners)
Bird-of-a-feather meeting:
Future of ASIS and Vendor-Independent Tools

Final Program

You may download the Final Program in PDF here: Ada-Europe 2022 Program

Conference Core Composition

The core conference program features five distinct types of technical presentations, with different duration, all followed by various manners of discussion time. In the visual synopsis of the program schedule, each distinct presentation type is denoted by a specific colour code.

Colour Code Duration
Keynote talk, Spotlight invited talk Extended, 45 minutes
Journal-track talk Long, 30 minutes
Industrial-track talk Medium, 20 minutes
Work-in-progress-track talk Lightning, 5 minutes plus poster
Vendor talk Medium, 20 minutes

All papers presented at the conference in the journal track, the industrial track and the work-in-progress track have undergone peer review. All track chairs took it on themselves to assure that the review process was strictly free of conflict of interests between authors and reviewers.

It is a characterizing trait of the AEiC conference series that the presentations of such diverse contributions are combined into by-theme and not by-track presentation sessions, in order that authors and participants alike all enjoy all flavours of the program in a mixed as opposed to segregated combination.

Conference Core Schedule

Wednesday, 15th June
08:50 - 9:00 Welcome and opening
09:00 - 10:30 Technical Session 1: Uses of Ada
Defining a Pattern Matching Language Feature for Ada
S.T. Taft, S. Baird, C. Dross
A Work Stealing Scheduler for Ada 2022, in Ada
S.T Taft
Ada for the Interchange of Data
M. Schlueter
Ada on the Raspberry Pi RP2040
J. Grosser
HAC: from an Abandoned Teaching Project to a Usable Script-like Ada Tool
G. de Montmollin
Renaissance-Ada: Tools for Analysis and Transformation of Ada Code
P. van de Laar, A. Mooij
10:30 - 11:15 Refreshment break & Posters
11:30 - 12:45 Technical Session 2: Real-Time Systems
Partition Window Assignment in Hierarchically Scheduled Time-Partitioned Distributed Real-Time Systems with Multipath Flows
A. Amurrio, J.J. Gutierrez, M. Aldea Rivas, E. Azketa
Response-Time Analysis of Mesh-Based Many-Core Systems
D. García Villaescusa, M. Aldea Rivas, M. González Harbour
Design Patterns Recognition for Applying Multiprocessor Real-Time Scheduling Analysis
S. Rubini, V.A Nicolas, F. Singhoff, A. Plantec, H. N. Tran, P. Dissaux
12:45 - 14:15 Lunch
14:15 - 15:45 Technical Session 3: Development Challenges
Agile Development for Critical On-Board Software
E. Alaña, I. Bachiller, S. Urueña, R. Lange
Integration of Modelling Languages for the Development of Space Domain Software Applications
Á.G. Pérez, M.A. de Miguel, H. Valente, J. Zurera, J. Zamorano, A. Alonso, J.A. de la Puente
Vendor Presentation: Vector Software
Model-Driven Development for the seL4 Microkernel Using the HAMR Framework
J. Belt, Robby, J. Hatcliff, J. Shackleton, J. Carciofini, T. Carpenter, E. Mercer, I. Amundson, J. Babar, D. Cofer, D. Hardin, K. Hoech, K. Slind, I. Kuz, K. McLeod*
15:45 - 16:30 Refreshment break & Posters
16:30 - 18:00 Technical Session 4: Advanced Systems
Resilience-Aware Mixed-Criticality DAG Scheduling on Multicores for Autonomous Systems
J. Zou, X. Dai, J. McDermid
Artificial Neural Networks for Real-Time Data Quality Assurance
I. Sousa, A. Casimiro, J. Cecilio
Increasing CPS Productivity and Resiliency through Accelerated Software Replication
A. Munera, E. Quiñones, M. Pressler, A. Hamann, D. Ziegenbein, S. Royuela
Spotlight Invited Talk
Envisioning the Future of Software Engineering
A. Carleton*, SEI, USA

Thursday, 16th June
09:00 - 10:30 Keynote Talk
The Curious Case of Code Duplication in GitHub
Cristina (Crista) Lopes, UC at Irvine, USA
Extended Q&A and early start of break
10:30 - 11:15 Refreshment break & Posters
11:15 - 12:45 Technical Session 5: Special-Purpose Systems
Deep Learning for Reliable Communication Optimization on Autonomous Vehicles
J. Lourerio, J. Cecilio
Compiler Support for an AI-oriented SIMD Extension of a Space Processor
M. Solé Bonet, K. Kosmidis
Space Compression Algorithms Acceleration on Embedded Multicore and GPU Platforms
A. Jover-Alvarez, I. Rodriguez-Fernandez, L. Kosmidis, D. Steenari
Fine-grained Runtime Monitoring of Real-Time Embedded Systems
Z. Boukili, H. N. Tran, A. Plantec
Software Tool for Evaluation of Multi-Sensor Object Tracking in ADAS Systems
A. Medaglini, S. Bartolini, V. Di Massa, F. Dini
Securing IIoT Communications using OPC UA PubSub and Secure Element
O. Gilles, D. Gracia Pérez, V. Lacroix, P.A. Brameret
12:45 - 14:15 Lunch
14:15 - 15:45 Technical Session 6: Verification Challenges
Boosting Simulation and Debugging of Cyber-Physical Systems with Symbolic Exploration
I. Kolesnikov
Improving Usability and Trust in Real-Time Verification of a Large-Scale Complex Safety-Critical System
B. Kempa, C. Johannsen, K.Y. Rozier
Use of Graph Databases for Static Code Analysis
Q. Dauprat, P. Dorbec, G. Richard, J.P Rosen
Tracing and Measuring GPU Execution in Automotive Software Systems
T. Carvalho, L.M. Pinho
Work of Proof in SPARK
C. Dross*
Vendor Presentation: AdaCore
ATTEST: Automating the Review and Update of Assurance Case Arguments
F. Ul Muram, M. Atif Javed
15:45 - 16:30 Refreshment break & Posters
16:30 - 18:00 Technical Session 7: Real-Time Systems
Near-Optimal Energy-Efficient Partial Duplication Mapping of Real-Time Parallel Applications
M. Cui, A. Kritikakou, L. Mo, E. Casseau
Real-Time Fixed Priority Scheduling Synthesis Using Affine Data Flow Graphs: from Theory to Practice
A. Honorat, H. N. Tran, T. Gautier, L. Besnard, S.S. Bhattacharyya, J-P. Talpin
EDF Scheduling for Distributed Systems Built upon the IEEE 802.1AS Clock - A theoretical-Practical Comparison
H. Pérez, J.J. Gutierrez
Best Presentation Award
Future events
Closing of Core Program