Become a member

How to become a member of Ada-Europe?


If you want to become a member of Ada-Europe, you can join your national Ada organisation and become an indirect member of Ada-Europe. In some countries, indirect membership in Ada-Europe is automatically part of your national membership; in other countries, it is an optional element of your national membership.

The current Ada-Europe indirect membership fee is 35 €, plus any fees that the national organisation charges.

As benefits you will receive:

  • a free copy of the quarterly Ada User Journal, distributed via the national Ada organisations.
  • a registration discount at the annual Ada-Europe conference (exceeding the cost of indirect membership).
  • preferential access to relevant Ada-related publications, such as the Reference Manual, Rationale, etc.

Your benefits run from April to March of the following year.

You can also contact the Secretary of Ada-Europe to become a direct member of Ada-Europe.

The current Ada-Europe direct membership fee is 55 EUR.

Your benefits are the same as for indirect members, except that the Ada User Journal is shipped directly to you.

The easiest way to join is by completing our online form to make an initial enquiry.


National Ada organisations are the primary promoters of corporate memberships. In case a national Ada organisation exists in your country, it can offer its corporate members to designate individuals as indirect members of Ada-Europe at the Ada-Europe individual indirect membership fee (plus any fees that your national organisation charges). Corporate membership may be established directly with Ada-Europe. Please contact the President or the Secretary of Ada-Europe for further information. The cost of corporate membership with Ada-Europe starts at 500€/year.

Trying to form a national Ada organisation?

We certainly encourage the formation of national Ada organisations. For such organisations to become associate members of Ada-Europe, please consult the statutes for the prerequisites.