Ada-Europe is an international organization, set up to promote the use of Ada. It aims to spread the use and the knowledge of Ada and to promote its introduction into academic and research establishments. Above all, Ada-Europe intends to represent European interests in Ada and Ada-related matters. Read more...

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30 June 2015 In memory of Robert Dewar. With great sadness we have learned that Robert Dewar, a man of high education, vast culture, great heart, and enormous influence to the Ada programming language and the user and implementor community at large, passed away on 30 June 2015, his family by his side. Our thoughts at this sad time are with his family and friends. He will be warmly remembered.
12 May 2014 Ada 2012 Reference Manual Published by Springer and as eBook by Ada-Europe. Available for download and also in paper as Springer's LNCS 8339. Read the Press Release by Ada-Europe.
12 November 2013 Ada 2012 Language Rationale Published. Available for download and also in paper as Springer's LNCS Vol. 8338. Read the related joint Press Release by ARA and Ada-Europe.
24 October 2013 Open call for Sponsors of Ada-Europe.
14 June 2013 The 18th International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies - Ada-Europe 2013 was held in Berlin, Germany, June 10-14. The conference proceedings are now available here: Springer LNCS vol.7896. See also who won the best paper and best presentation prizes.
19 December 2012 Ada 2012 Language Standard Approved by ISO.
26 July 2012 Ada-Europe Announces First "Ada Way" Award Winners and "Try-and-Beat-Me" Challenge.
27 June 2013 Ada-Europe welcomes two new sponsors, Ada Edge SPRL and White Elephant GmbH. See the sponsors page for contact details
26 July 2012 Updated Ada Way page. You can now download the Reference Implementation and face the try-and-beat-me challenge. Check it out here.

Student Programming Contest - The Ada Way

The Ada Way is an annual student programming contest organized by Ada-Europe, the international organization that promotes the knowledge and use of Ada in European academia, research and industry. You can find more information here.

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