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The following is a list of all presentations we received (so far). If you are interested in presentations not listed here, please contact the authors directly. Usually you'll find the authors' email addresses in the proceedings.

Invited Speakers

Embedded Systems Unsuitable for Object Orientation, Maarten Boasson
On Architectural Stability and Evolution, Mehdi Jazayeri
Encapsulating Failure Detection: from Crash to Byzantine Failures, Rachid Guerraoui
Contextware: Bridging Physical and Virtual Worlds, Alois Ferscha

Embedded Systems

Evaluating Performance and Power of Object-oriented vs. Procedural Programming in Embedded Processors, Alexander Chatzigeorgiou, George Stephanides
OMC-INTEGRAL Memory Management, Jose Manuel Pérez Lobato, Eva Martín Lobo
Language Issues of Compiling Ada to Hardware, M. Ward, N. C. Audsley

Case Studies

Development of a Control System for Teleoperated Robots using UML and Ada95, F. J. Ortiz, A. Martínez, B. Álvarez, A. Iborra, J.M. Fernández
Using a Secure Java Micro-kernel on Embedded Devices for the Reliable Execution of Dynamically Uploaded Applications, Walter Binder, Balázs Lichtl

Real-Time Systems

A POSIX-Ada Interface for Application-Defined Scheduling, Mario Aldea Rivas, Michael González Harbour

High-Integrity Systems

Closing the Loop: The Influence of Code Analysis on Design, Peter Amey
High-Integrity Systems Development for Integrated Modular Avionics using VxWorks and GNAT, Paul Parkinson, Franco Gasperoni

Ada Language

How to use GNAT to Efficiently preprocess New Ada Sentences, J. Miranda, F. Guerra, E. Martel, J. Martín, A. González
Exposing Uninitialized Variables: Strengthening and Extending Run-Time Checks in Ada, R. Dewar, O. Hainque, D. Craeynest, Ph. Waroquiers
Adding Design By Contract to the Ada Language, Ehud Lamm

Program Analysis

DataFAN: A Practical Approach to Data Flow Analysis for Ada 95, K. Czarnecki, M. Himsolt, E. Richter, F. Vieweg, A. Rosskopf
Prioritization of Test Cases in MUMCUT Test Sets: An Empirical Study, Yuen T. Yu, Man F. Lau


About the Difficulties of Building a Pretty-Printer for Ada, Sergey Rybin, Alfred Strohmeier
A Tailorable Distributed Programming Environment, E. Martel, F. Guerra, J. Miranda

Distributed Systems

Modelling and Schedulability Analysis of Hard Real-Time Distributed Systems based on Ada Components, J. L. Medina, J. Javier Gutiérrez, J. M. Drake, M. González Harbour
Transparent Environment for Replicated Ravenscar Applications, Luís Miguel Pinho, Francisco Vasques
Concurrency Control in Transactional Drago, M. Patiño-Martínez, R. Jiménez-Peris, J. Kienzle, S. Arévalo

Libraries, APIs, and Bindings

An Ada Binding to the IEEE 1003.1q (POSIX Tracing) Standard, A. Espinosa Minguet, A. García Fornes, A. Crespo i Lorente


Ada, Interfaces and the Listener paradigm, J-P. Rosen
Using Object Orientation in High Integrity Applications: A Case Study, A. Alonso, R. López, T. Vardanega, J. A. de la Puente

Vendor Presentations

ACT Europe
Green Hills
TNI Europe

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